Thursday, April 15, 2010

that was not intentional

I did not mean to start this blog during a crazy busy season of my life, but the past 16 months have been insane and the invites I get daily in the mail don't seem like they will be disappearing anytime soon. So, if I don't blog every day (or for a whole week) PLEASE bear with me. I am STILL cooking, just not blogging.

ok to what I have made.....

Confession, I adore gourmet food; however, I HATE TO WASTE.... I often make a whole meal around ingredients that I don't want to go bad- hence why I made venison stroganoff Tuesday night- Because I had baby portabellos that I needed to use along with some fromage blanc.

So Thursday night I aspired to use a carton of Cherry Tomatoes and some pasta that one of my best friend's mom gave me.

I LOVE tennis-watching tennis and playing tennis specifically the US Open. My childhood dream was to celebrate my 21st birthday in Arthur Ashe with two of my best friends, my mom and dad. It was going to be a BLAST!

After an almost 12 hour day at work, I got to work.

I gathered a few random/well thought out ingredients

put the tomatoes in a pan and seasoned them with evoo, s&p, garlic, basil, and parsley

their close up

while those were in the oven on 350 convection roast I sauteed some rotisserie chicken and spinach leaves with salt, pepper, evoo, and red pepper flakes

when the tomatoes were just about to burst, I added baby portabellos

after I few minutes, I added the tomato/mushroom mixture to the chicken/spinach mixture

I added some freshly shaved Pecorino Romano or Parmesan Reggiano (Not sure BECAUSE :) I steal my parm from my mom-- she buys a huge wedge and I break a bit off for T and myself- Thanks mom)

T adding some gruyere, one of my favorite cheeses. (when 7:45-8:00 comes around I enlist help from my favorite sous chef)

with the aldente pasta. I recommend always adding the pasta to the sauce.... not pouring the sauce on to the pasta....

T's bowl

obviously some additional cheese was added

I added some sundried tomatoes to mine

I would recommend maybe adding a little goat cheese to this to up the flavor... We didn't have any, now we do :) anyway.... this wasn't the best pasta I've ever made, but nothing that salt and red pepper flakes can't keep from being palatable. Both salt and red pepper flakes have their own food group in my diet, but I'll leave that for another post.

bon appetit


  1. i don't think i have ever seen you eat anything that you don't add salt or red pepper flakes to...
    except strawberry shortcake haha
    looks yummy!

  2. goat cheese is definitely a must. i love goat cheese so much. :P This looks tasty! Next time i visit can you do a gluten-free version for me?? Miss you!