Tuesday, April 20, 2010

southern classic

I AM in search of the perfect red velvet cake recipe. I usually use a Martha Stewart recipe, but it is a bit dry. So I pulled out one that I had been wanting to try for awhile.

I bought this cookbook around 2 years ago and have loved what I have made out of it. so far. I thought this recipe would be great because butter wasn't it's primary source for fat. I have found that cakes with only butter tend to be more dry than those that call for oil. I usually prefer cakes that call for oil.This recipe calls for crisco and butter.

I think the reason I didn't like it as much was because you do something very odd. Well, not odd, but I've never done it before. You put the cocoa and the red dye in boiling water. It made the cake taste sort of like hot chocolate. It was more chocolaty than any other red velvet cake I have ever had.

Here is the batter.

Here they are in cupcake form, naturally.


their close up

the icing

the final product


taste test

Like I said, not my favorite Red Velvet. It was a little too dense for my liking, too chocolaty, sort of fudge like. I was disappointed with the cake, but the icing was great. I was making the cupcakes for a friend who LOVES red velvet so I didn't use the icing that was in the book. I made an icing I knew was fabulous!

I will post the recipe for the cake and icing when I get off of work. And I will continue my search for the PERFECT Red Velvet Cake, until then....


  1. I have a recipe that i'll get to you. Andy's great grandma makes it.It is THE best red velvet cake

  2. ok, what tip do you use to make the big swirl? i can't seem to find the right one. and when i use a bag without a tip it isn't very round.

  3. Where's the icing recipe??? I'm in the mood to make some cupcakes and these look REALLY good. :)

  4. Caitlyn: I get the tip from Mary Carter, on Summer. I will facebook message you which one it is when I get home.

    Mandie: cream 1 package of room temp cream cheese and 1 stick of room temp butter, until smooth. Next add 1 t of vanilla. Then add powdered sugar until your desired consistency. Maybe 4-5 cups? I do it until it holds it shape when I raise the paddle so that the swirl holds it shape. I hope they turn out well!!