Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and action....

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am not sure if anyone is reading yet? As of now only two people on Earth know about this, besides all of you at blogspot, I guess.

Let me give a little background on myself. I am a female, who was raised in the south; however, I am not really a belle (Although I can act like one if the situation requires). I have a degree in International Business; yet, I am a nanny. I am a homeowner and a newlywed, to an incredible man-I will refer to him as T. The Lord has richly blessed me. Lastly, most of my thoughts are consumed by food!

I do not have any professional training, I didn't go to Johnson & Wales, or Le Cordon Bleu. I do however, have countless memories of spending much time in my mother's kitchen who lived in Hawaii, California, Virginia, and a few other places before my Grandfather- who was in the Navy- retired in Millington, Tennessee. Two other kitchens that shaped my palate were in aforementioned Millington, Tennessee with my mom's mother who was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Southern California and Nanuet, New York which is a suburb of New York City where my Dad's parents lived. Their affectionately "Yankee" kitchen was filled with quite different things then the other two- the combination of my Grandmother's Irish roots and my Grandfather's Polish and Lithuanian heritage was a breeding ground for incredible food. Her kitchen was also filled with one thing that I will really only eat while in New York, bagels. (especially from bagel boys)I digress (unless, of course, you've had a bagel from bagel boys).... In addition to the former, I managed Muddy's bakeshop my senior year in college. That right there completes my culinary training!

So a little background on my slight obsession with food. In the past month, some things I have made are the following: about 8 dozen cupcakes, 1 strawberry rhubarb pie/crumble, 1 Chocolate cake, 1 S'more inspired cake, deviled eggs (for Easter), homemade granola (4 times), sage and brown butter sweet potato gnocchi, venison chili, venison fajitas (did I mention my husband [T] is a hunter?), Tilapia fish tacos...I've also had my Bible study over for a dessert, my grandmother's birthday dessert here, and some friends over for dinner.

So my future experiments will be chronicled for all of you to see, EVEN the mistakes. I WILL go ahead and admit that Sunday morning while I was baking biscuits (yes, a southern favorite) I attempted to multitask WITH THE OVEN by making T's weakly batch of granola- Note to the WORLD--- granola at 430* does not really work. I burned it. Sweet T still wanted to eat it this week. It is officially my largest blunder since shifting the name with which I born to my middle name.
The biscuits that burned the granola.

Well, Goodnight all! I believe that I may be getting ill, so I am not sure when my next creation will be documented.


  1. well hello!! i love your blog!!i cannot wait to see (and taste) your creations.
    You should probably post pictures of your playground (the fabulous kitchen)...
    -princess sophie

  2. This is going to be exciting; your "T" is a special fellow, and you are a sweetie. Can't wait to see your culinary expertise expand and flourish.