Friday, December 31, 2010

a break from the regular programming

In light of 2010 being over in mere hours, i thought I would reflect on the year. I borrowed this survey from my sister's blog.

1-What did you do in 2010 that you had never done before?
Purchased a car with my own money.

2-Did anyone close to you give birth?
It seems like so many people had babies this year. My sweet friends Jessica and Andy had a baby this summer, a junior to be exact! AND Jessie and David had a very cute little boy, Nolan!

3-Did anyone close to you die?
These questions are starting to make me feel nervous, like what if I forget to mention someone....

4-What date from 2010 will remain etched in your memory and why?
Memorial Day was very memorial to us, our house was flooded, boo!

5-What was your biggest achievement this year?
Celebrated my 1 year anniversary at my job. I've never worked at the same place for that long.

6-Did you suffer any illness or injury?
Not that I can remember :) I am thankful that my pain is not something I remember.

7-What was the best thing you bought?
a new car!

8-Where did most of your money go?
the new car and the flooded home!

9-What song will always remind you of 2010?
Any Chris Tomlin song, the CD is on repeat in my car, not by choice though!!

10-What do you wish you'd done more of?
Spent more time trusting Him.

11-What do you wish you'd done less of?
Spent less time trusting Him.

12-What was your favorite TV program?
I only watch TV when I am on the treadmill, so it is not something I look forward to, EVER.

13-What's the best book you read this year?
The Bible!! It is the my favorite book for all circumstances!

14-What was your favorite movie this year?
I saw a few good ones, not sure what my favorite was. The ones I am able to recall as good are the ones I most recently saw. The following are not the best, just what my clouded mind can currently offer: Wall Street: Money never Sleeps, the newest Narnia movie, and the King's Speech.

15-What did you do on your birthday? How old were you? I turned 23. and still am. The verb tense used here is sort of confusing :) My Grandmother (who is from Puerto Rico) hosted a Puerto Rican themed birthday dinner. It was delicious!

16-Did you travel anywhere this year? Yes, I did.

17-What national/world event stirred you the most? The Chilean miner situation definitely caught my attention. All of the chaos occurring internationally continually reminds me how thankful I am that the Name of the Lord is a Strong Tower.

18-What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? Giving the Lord more of the worries that I held on to and in turn TRUSTING HIM.

19-What merited celebration? birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, babies, the list does not end! Even recently, a few friends have gotten engaged and others have found out that they are expecting babies this year!

20-Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2010? The Lord truly is the orchestrator of all circumstances. He is worthy to be wholly trusted. I have ascertained (To discover with certainty, as through examination or experimentation--Thank you ) this year more than ever to place all joy and to hope wholly in Him. May I never forget this, if I am able to simply remember :) I will not be disappointed. (Romans 10:11)