Saturday, May 8, 2010


One night in January, my parents, T, and I went to a local restaurant for dinner and my mom and I split gouda risotto topped with lobster and shrimp. When I tasted it, my mouth went crazy; it was so good! I get really excited when I eat food that tastes good; instantly, I was inspired.

Gouda was on
sale at my favorite grocery store, so I bought it with great aspirations to recreate this dish.

I made risotto once before with my parents, but that was with my parents! I'd never made it all alone. I think that has something to do with the fact that it took me two months of research and planning to muster up the confidence to tackle this dish.

After getting off relatively early (around 6) on a RARE chilly spring day, I unwrapped the cheese

and grated away

next up, was the onion, chopped well.

A pot of chicken stock, it is KEY that this it HOT. If the stock is cold or even warm, it will not cook the rice!!!

Then I melted butter and evoo in a pan

added the onion and minced garlic, when it began to caramelize, I added the

ARBORIO. Arborio is a stout grain of rice. It is shorter and fatter then regular rice. Its starch content it high, which is why it is perfect for risotto.

When I had the risotto with my mom, it had an orangish hue, so I thought to add something quite luxurious....

Saffron. Saffron is from the crocus flower. It is actually its stamen. One pound of Saffron is made from 50,00-75,000 flowers! and Is about $1000 per pound! A rather pricey spice

In it goes.

It began to brown quite nicely.

The first liquid I added was some white wine. I added about 1 cup.

After that liquid is completely soaked up. KEY:completely

The chicken stock made it's way over to the risotto pot.

one ladle at a time.

Stir the risotto and continue the process of adding the stock one ladle at a time until the rice can absorb no more liquid and the rice is al dente. (to the tooth, which just means has a little bite to it, not mushy. ushy, overcooked rice)

Then, add the grated gouda, it gets all melty! yum!

Add the lobster

top with fresh parsley.

I served it it my fine china to up the wow factor (and WOW, it was good!)

We also sat at the dining room table in order to enjoy the evening a little more.

Of course, I had some red pepper flakes and siracha with mine :)

I just want to say that I made this meal 3 weeks ago and I am just posting it, So I have loads more to come, now if I just had loads of time to post!!! Also, my first guest blogger will be blogging this week, so get excited!!


  1. yummy!!! too bad i don't like seafood!! it would be perfect on a day like this though.

  2. yum! What is ur favorite grocery store?