Thursday, July 1, 2010

my life is a movie

T and I bought our first home together last year, we moved in on November 7, 2009 after remodeling the kitchen and fixing up a few things. Remodeling the kitchen while planning a wedding and working full time is not an easy juggle, but we did it- Thanks to a LOT of help!

Six months later we left our home and went to the beach with my family and two close friends.

9 days later we returned to

I know I am southern because I cannot live without this

lots of towels were used.... lots of pictures were taken (for insurance purposes)....

so we've since moved and I am pretty sure we receive an award for being some of the only people who have remodeled their kitchen twice in less than a year! I will try my best to continue blogging while cooking in my apartment and traveling from town to town working, checking on my house, and eating/cooking/grocery shopping!

all in the name of ice......

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